Quick Start Guide To Combo Vending:)

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Comparing other vending opportunities...

Full size snack and drink vending: For a startup company to secure locations for these very expensive vending machines, you'll have to convince large companies to replace their current experienced vendor with somebody that, frankly, has no track record, experience, or customer references. As you grow your Combo vending business, you'll gain valuable information and experience to help you go to the next level, should you choose.

Bulk candy & gumball machines: Interestingly, I love this business; however, few people succeed because they buy machines that don't allow them to secure locations and compete. As a result, they face enormous rejection and share space in locations resulting in very low sales. Industry average is $8 per head per month. The U-Spin Space Savers (8 selections), shown above, are the only machines I've seen that dominate the compeition.

Series 700 Snack & Drink Combination Automatic Refreshment Center

  • Affordable Startup Cost
  • Easy Location Procurement
  • Quick Startup Time
  • Quick Investment Return
  • Locations Secured For You
  • Optional On-Site Training
  • Made in the U.S.A.!!!!!

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